Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Really Difficult Quiz

Some friends and I created this quiz in our boredom when we were about 17. The point is to answer as many questions as you can without doing any research at all.

1.) Name one town in Scotland:
2.) How many rings are on your shower curtain?:
3.) List three ingredients in mouthwash:
4.) Name the 11th president of the United states:
5.) Name 15 countries in Africa:
6.) What is the most common type of flower?:
7.) Besides New York, California, and Texas, which state has the largest population?:
8.) How many stars are in the constellation Cancer?:
9.) Who invented barbed wire?:
10.) Name three species of frog:
11.) When turtles duck their heads in their shells do their spines buckle or contract?:
12.) Name a river in Europe:
13.) What is the smallest mammal?:
14.) How many floors are on the Empire State Building?:
15.) What is the capitol of Honduras?:
16.) Name a year in which Julias Caesar had rule of Rome:
17.) Name a galaxy besides the Milky Way:
18.) What is the olympic world record mile time:
19.) Name a desert in Asia:
20.) What was the most recent sport made into an olympic sport?:
21.) Who directed Gone with the Wind?:
22.) What is the distance between the Earth and the Moon?:
23.) What is the 23rd element on the periodic table?:
24.) What was the number one selling single of 1991?:
25.) Name the most recent species to have gone extinct:


Holli said...

I got 3 right without research!

Nickolus Roy said...

Which ones? You're supposed to leave the ones you got right as a comment!

Holli said...

I got numbers 4, 8, and 11 right

Holli said...

#4- Polk
#8- 5
#11- Contract